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A website presenting quick resources about the outpatient treatment of COVID-19, with special emphasis on early ambulatory / home therapies


Because it’s important to have the best possible immunity to face COVID-19 as well as other diseases.

Early Treatment

Because the most effective treatments are administered early, at home, at the disease’s first symptoms.

Long Covid

Because Long Covid is increasingly common and can be treated. It can also be avoided with early treatment.

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In a nutshell, here are key reasons why early treatment is essential for overcoming COVID-19:

Because any Disease is Best to be Treated Early

COVID-19 is like all diseases, it is best to be treated early. The disease has several phases. The first one is viral, and there are various outpatient therapies available to contain viral multiplication, initially in the upper respiratory tract and then in the lungs. There are also outpatient therapies that address the early inflammatory phase of the disease, that typically start the second week after the first symptoms. For most of us, COVID-19 is a very low risk disease, yet, when treated at first symptoms, your likelihood of survival and of prompt recovery are even greater. For higher risk patients (for example over 60 year old, with health issues / comorbidities), treating early is a key for avoiding complications.

Because Hospitalization is Best to be Avoided

With early outpatient treatment, the need for hospitalization is considerably reduced. The first outpatient treatment practice that was studied, in the State of New York, achieved an 85% reduction in hospital admissions for COVID-19, thanks to a simple therapy comprising 3 agents, that was actually only prescribed to higher risk patients. Since then, there has been further progress with early therapies. As long as the patient presents early, the likelihood of hospitalization for COVID-19 is very small, compared to the situation where the patient does not receive any treatment. With early treatment, hospitalization, which is expensive for the patient and costly to society, is simply not needed in most cases. This considerably reduces the pressure on health systems. Not treating early is a form of therapeutic nihilism. There is just no rationale to refrain from treating COVID-19 early.

Because Long Covid is More Likely Avoided

The development of long term symptoms of COVID-19, otherwise known as Long Covid, is an unfortunate yet increasingly prevalent trend in our countries, with people having a variety of more or less grave symptoms for months, if not years. Long Covid is very much related to an untreated or poorly treated inflammatory phase of the disease. When COVID-19 is treated early, patients typically fully recover from the disease, without any further symptoms, and thereby avoid the Long Covid condition.

Because Transmission Risks are Reduced

When you get COVID-19, you become typically contagious around when you develop your first symptoms. With early treatment, you will likely overcome the disease rapidly, with the viral phase being contained through the treatment. You will also likely receive advice from your treating doctor about how to best avoid transmitting the disease to others at your home. Some doctors may even prescribe some prophylaxis therapy for those who live with you. The outcome is typically a much lower risk of transmission to others.



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Telemedicine Services for C19 in the USA

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Early Treatment Protocol Examples

Drs Fareed & Tyson Early Treatment Protocol
FLCCC iMask+ Prevention & Early Treatment Protocol
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Prevention/Prophlaxis Protocol Examples

FLCCC Prophylaxis
Zelenko Prophylaxis
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Long Covid

Therapeutic information about Long Covid is scarce; yet check LINK

Key Webinars

The Practice of Early Outpatient Treatment, Prof. McCullough, Dr Chetty & Dr Bernstein:
The Prevention & Outpatient Treatment of COVID-19, with Prof. Marik
Prophylaxis & Early Treatment in Nursing Homes – a Webinar with Dr Robin Armstrong and Dr George Fareed
Early Outpatient Treatment Algorithm for COVID-19 – with Professor McCullough

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